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Blended Teas and Tisanes from The Beauty Tea Company

Hello friends! It's been a while (hooray for being a busy college senior!) but I'm finally back. While at the World Tea Expo, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Beatriz Cabrera, owner and founder of The Beauty Tea Company. Her passion for tea and creating delicious and relaxing tea blends really shined and it was wonderful sampling her teas. After the Expo, I was offered a set of all 3 blends, with no promises for a review or any promises of compensation in exchange for a review whatsoever. However, I found her tisanes to be some of the best blends I've ever had and thus they are the first (and so far only) tisane on this blog. I hope you enjoy this review!

"I Am Peace"- 1tsp for 3min, boiling water

First off, the packaging here is absolutely gorgeous. The rose gold of the tins is eye-catching and the box itself (pictured in the header) makes this tea feel like a real luxury. The first blend (and my personal favorite) is "I Am Peace," a blend of Rooibos tea, orange, hibiscus, peppermint leaves, licorice, lemon balm, lavender, passion flowers, milk thistle, and marigold flowers. It's a deliciously floral blend and the first thing you smell would be the citrusy peppermint notes. I steeped this according to their recommendations and it came out a lovely ruby red color.

This tea was very relaxing after a long day. The rooibos pairs well with the peppermint, hibiscus, and orange, making for a wonderfully relaxing and great smelling brew. Taste wise, it's reminiscent of a minty hibiscus tea that one added citrus to. It's quite pleasant and I definitely felt very relaxed afterwards. The peppermint, lemon balm, and milk thistle really help aid in relaxation and the marigold flowers add such a vibrant color and smell to the brew.

"I Am Love"- 1tsp for 3mins, 180°F water

The second blend included in the box is "I Am Love," a blend of green tea, rose petals, apple pieces, and lychee. Rose can usually be overpowering, but that wasn't the case here. Upon opening the tin, I got notes of lychee and roses. The green tea aspect is subtler, though it plays nicely here. Plus, the blend itself is quite gorgeous.

Upon brewing, I got a lovely yellow/gold brew. It is a well-balanced blend and the lychee and rose worked well together, neither overpowering the other. The green tea itself was more subtle but did come through, though not enough that it tasted astringent (as some greens often can) or bitter. It's a pleasant blend and I would recommend this one to anyone wanting to indulge and feel like they're treating themselves.

"I Am Energy"- 1tsp for 3mins, 180°F water

The third blend, "I Am Energy," is a blend of white tea, blueberries, and blueberry flavoring. Opening the tin, you're hit with a wonderful blueberry aroma. It's quite enticing.

I brewed this one for 3 minutes with 180°F water (per their instructions) and was rewarded with a gorgeous honey-like brew. It smelled delightful while brewing. The tea itself tasted like a warm blueberry cobbler. The sweetness of the white tea base combined well with the blueberries and blueberry flavoring, creating something absolutely delightful and refreshing. As far as the energy goes, I can't speak much to that, but the flavor and aromas of this tea definitely pack a punch (in a good way!).

Overall Verdict:

I really enjoyed these teas. Herbal or blended teas can often taste like hot water with a suggestion of flavor, as if someone wafted a rose over hot water and had you drink it. Often, the aroma before brewing a blend is strong and makes one excited, but the actual brew of said tea blend leaves one feeling disappointed with the flavors muted and dull.

They're extremely flavorful and none of them required sweetener, though I can see honey playing well with I Am Energy. They tasted just as they smelled, which is an amazing feat for a blended tea, in my opinion. At $39.99 for 3 ounces of tea packaged in gorgeous rose gold tins, it felt like a true luxury. These would make an amazing mother's day gift, a Valentine's gift, or even just a fun thing to treat oneself to. These teas are delicious and left me feeling peaceful, relaxed, and rejuvenated. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a tasty treat that leaves one feeling great.

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