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2012 XZH Huangpian

Hello friends! Today I'm reviewing something very special. I had the opportunity to try a huangpian sheng from 2012 made by Xizhihao...

Jin Jun Mei from Old Ways Tea

Hi friends! I'm back again, this time reviewing a jin jun mei from Old Ways Tea Company. I'm a member of OldWaysTea's tea club, which...

2019 Boseong Black from Mansa Tea

Hello friends! I apologize for the lack of content lately, it's been a busy semester. However, I'm back and thought I'd relax with one of...

Chen Xiang Wan Yan from MoJun FuCha

Hello friends! Today I'm reviewing a lesser-known tea here in the Western world, but one that I think will be the next "big" thing. I'm...

Bai Ye Dancong from Wudong Tea

Hey friends! It's been a while and I apologize.. thankfully we have tea to bring us back together again! Today's review is of a bai ye...

Old Ways Tea 2020 Shi Ru

Hey friends! I'm back with a delicious yancha from Phil and Mengjiao of Old Ways Tea. This one came in their April subscription box and...

About Me

Hello friends! My name is Neldon and I'm a tea-addict. I'm 21 and from Utah, an area where tea drinkers are about as rare as an actual...

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