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Sip into Summer: Raspberry Lemon Black Iced Tea

Hey friends!! Today's post is a bit different but I decided to get experimental for summer. A local farm had some lovely, fresh, juicy raspberries, and I happen to have a mostly drunk cake of Intergalactic from Crimson Lotus Tea on hand, my favorite dianhong and loose leaf black tea in general.

The fresh fruit, coupled with 100°F+ weather, made me crave an iced tea. Thus, the raspberry lemon black tea was born. It's perfectly tart and sweet from the raspberries and lemon slices, with a nice maltiness from the black tea, making for a lovely summertime refreshment.

So, without further ado, let's get into the recipe.

The main ingredients- raspberry and black tea


• 2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries, plus extras for garnishing

• 4 cups of filtered water

• 5 to 10 grams of loose leaf black tea OR 2 to 3 tea bags, depending on desired strength

• Sweetener of Choice (I used 2tbs raw turbinado sugar for this, but you can use any- sweeten to your desired taste!)

• Lemon Slices (optional)

Making the Raspberry Water:

1.) In either a large saucepan or electric kettle, place your 4 cups of filtered water. If using a saucepan, set the stove to high heat as we want this to come to a rolling boil.

2.) To the water, add your 2 cups of raspberries and stir gently to muddle the berries. You want all that juicy goodness releasing into the water.

3.) Let the water come to a rolling boil. It will foam, but just keep an eye on it. If you're using a kettle, this will be fine and you don't need to watch it as closely.

Raspberries Boiling in Water

4.) Turn the heat off when the water boils. Let the raspberries steep in the water for an extra 5 minutes here to really infuse.

5.) When the raspberry water has finished "steeping," put it back on the stove and add the sweetener of your choice. I used raw turbinado sugar, but honey or granulated sugar, or any sugar alternative should work.

Raspberry Water Boiling

6.) Simmer the raspberry water and sweetener together until it comes to a rolling boil, then take it off the heat. You want to make a sweetened liquid here, not necessarily a syrup.

For the Tea:

1.) Take your teabags or loose leaf tea and place it in any brewing vessel or pitcher.

2.) Strain 1 cup of the sweetened raspberry water over a strainer and directly onto the tea leaves. This will act as your hot water for steeping the tea.

3.) Let the teabags steep to your desired strength. For me, I did 5 minutes with the loose leaf tea.

4.) Fill a glass with ice and add optional lemon slices and raspberries on top for an added tang.

5.) Pour your brewed tea over ice and enjoy!

Refreshing Raspberry Iced Tea

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